Alashan Cashmere

The founder of Alashan Cashmere, Donald Fox, has worked in every aspect of the cashmere business – from procuring and processing raw materials (yes, that means goats) to working with fiber traders, dyers, spinners, weavers, knitters and designers to offer beautiful products to cashmere lovers all over the world.

Founded in 2004, the name Alashan honors the area in western Inner Mongolia that is home to the world's finest cashmere. Goats thrive in this harsh region that has the perfect combination of geography, climate and diet to produce superior cashmere – long, fine, white fiber that embrace vibrant dyes and can be spun into the finest yarns. Over the years Donald has introduced product lines, each with their own unique designs and personality. These lines are named after his children: Claudia Nichole, Caroline Grace and Douglas Anthony. 

Building these product lines within the Alashan brand allows the label to deliver cashmere classics that customers know and love, while seasonally introducing new, exciting trends. Claudia Nichole features classic designs with sophisticated styles, as well as a luxe collection which features some of our ultimate wrap-yourself-up cashmere styles. Caroline Grace is fun and trendy, while Douglas Anthony offers cashmere staples for every man’s wardrobe.